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Fun Ways to Exercise with Kids

Michelle Obama said it best – let’s move! Exercising with your kids is a great way to stay active and teach healthy habits early in life. We put together a few fun, kid-centric exercises guaranteed to get your heart pumping!


Hiking – The National Park Service is encouraging everyone to get out there and Find Your Park. Hit the trails and soak up some vitamin D! Try a visual scavenger hunt (bugs, birds, colors, sounds) to help kids explore their senses and get immersed in nature.

Photo via National Park Service


Biking – Another great activity for the whole family! If younger kiddos aren’t quite ready for a solo bike, try a bicycle trailer like this one from Amazon!

Photo via Amazon


Kayaking/canoeing – If you’re looking for a new adventure, grab your lifejackets and head for water! Kayaking and canoeing can be a great way to introduce kids to boating and water activities.


Yoga – Practicing yoga has so many benefits for kids and adults. Learn some of the beginner poses to teach kids with this free printable from Childhood 101.


Dancing – If we learned anything from Toddlerography with The Late Late Show’s James Cordon, it’s that we should be dancing with kids way more often. Whether it’s a ballet class or a living room dance party, kids will love to dance and wiggle away!


Swimming – Not only is swimming one of the best summer activities, it’s great for the body too! Check out your local YMCA to see if they have a pool near you.


Roller blading – Grab a helmet and protective gear and get moving! Check out these roller blading tips from Livestrong to help kids get started.

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