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St. Chrysostom’s Day School

Strollers and Stilettos interviewed Kacky Fetzer at St. Chrysostom’s Day School as our featured business for the month of November. Read the full interview below!


S&S: When was St. Chrysostom’s Day School founded and by whom?

In 1974 by Mary Ellen Christy.



S&S: Tell us a little about the philosophy of St. Chrysostom’s.

Our philosophy is to meet the needs of each child in a play based and supportive environment. Further, our curriculum is designed to celebrate cultural and developmental diversity as a value. We are committed to the community we serve and offer educational programs to parents, as well as to children. We provide superior early childhood education with our developmentally appropriate programs for children ages 2-5. We celebrate each child’s mind, body and spirit. We are dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of our students in an exciting and nurturing learning environment. Every child is recognized, valued, and supported by their teachers and peers as they each build a sense of self.



S&S: What are the different programs and education services you offer?

We offer a variety of programs to meet the changing needs of our families: one day tots, two day tots, 3 day tots, half day preschool (morning, afternoon, and extended day), morning fours (half day and extended day) and junior kindergarten (half day and full day).



S&S: How does the admissions process work?

Applications are available on our website and the application deadline is February 1st. After an application has been submitted we will set up a tour and meeting for the prospective parents to get to know the school. Our contracts with enrollment decisions are then mailed in mid-March. Spaces are given to currently enrolled and/or Alumni families first.



S&S: Can you tell us a little about the curriculum?

Our curriculum is play based and developmentally appropriate. We include a combination of free play, gross and fine motor development, pre and early literacy, and math and science activities. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:5 and we have a combination of small group learning as well for time for large group experiences.



S&S: Tell us about your outreach programs.

 We are currently working on our Christmas Basket program with the organization ReVive and this is a chance for the whole family to get involved. The Junior Kindergarten and Morning Fours classes work together to make nutrition and hygiene packets for the homeless of Chicago. We also have a sister school we work with in Haiti.



S&S: What is most rewarding part of working with St. Chrysostom’s Day School?

The warm and lasting relationships and strong sense of community.



S&S: Has St. Chrysostom’s received any awards or accreditations you would like to mention?

We have received an award for the National and Local Reputation for excellence from the National Association of Episcopal Schools, which we are a member of. Our Tots and Outdoor classroom have also received Architectural Awards for excellence.




S&S: Any exciting plans for the future of St. Chrysostom’s?

We have an exciting and transformative Capital Campaign which will further enhance our space and offerings.