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Edenhurst Studio – Capes and Fairies

Introducing Chicago’s best kept secret. Edenhurst Studio: transforming family portraits into something that looks like it was torn from a magazine. Strollers and Stilettos met with this husband and wife team and asked them to share with us their process.

Capes and Fairies

So many of our clients come to us wanting to preserve the special times in their children’s lives where imaginary play is a very real part of their child’s daily life.  Preserving these sweet moments when their sons and daughters believe in superheroes, fairy tales, princesses and Jedi’s is so important to parents.   These are fleeting moments in childhood, and sadly you will wake up one day and your child has moved on.

Because of our unique background in commercial photography and extensive training, we are able to  preserve these moments for our clients in a very classy and artistic way.  Making the process extremely easy and fun for the families.   Taking out all the guess work for our clients- so it is very simple.

This is the time to embrace this moment, and not let it slip on by. We understand that stepping outside the box sounds time consuming and scary, but once we have our first consultation all worries are put at ease.  From styling, scouting locations, creative brainstorming, props – everything is taken care.   Making the day of shoot, quick, easy and most importantly fun for the entire family. In the end, our clients have an amazing experience capturing priceless memories and will have a cherished heirloom that not only holds sentimental value but will look like a beautiful piece of art perfectly customized for your home.
The process begins by listening- hearing about who your children are and what makes this time of their lives special.  Is there a special place you go that you also want to remember? We want to make something that is unique to you and your family. Some really prefer a more stylized piece but some prefer a more lifestyle shoot that captures the natural look of their family. Most of the time when families talk about wanting to preserve their child’s imaginary times we start with a fantasy piece and the following years we go natural lifestyle or the classic studio look to capture it all.
Our next step is to discuss where your family would like to display the finished product.  Is there a certain room in your house, fireplace, wall etc, by seeing and hearing from our clients their decor needs we are able to make sure that the piece will aesthetically fit within their home.   Whether we are doing a lifestyle shoot or a imaginary play shoot – we have found this step the most important and beneficial for our clients. When investing in family art you want to make sure that you are able to display it in a natural and beautiful way so it seamlessly fits in your home decor. Working with some of the best interior designers, we are proud of our wide array of product offerings that do just that.
However, whether it is natural lifestyle, studio or imaginary play shoot, Edenhurst will art direct, help with wardrobe and placement in your home and pre-plan everything to location and snacks to give you a cherished piece to add to your art collection taking all the guess work off of you.  We consider ourselves a family enrichment business and strive to make the experience as fun, easy and memorable for those we have the opportunity to work with.
Edenhurst Studio is located in Chicago’s South Loop (Printer’s Row) but often travel to accommodate their clients.