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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnant and wondering how to announce your exciting news? We have come up with a list of ideas to make your announcement something your family and friends will always remember!

Capture the Moment: Get a group of your loved ones together and instead of having them “say cheese,” have the photographer say, “We are pregnant!” then capture their reactions on camera!


Deliver the Ultrasound: For a simple and fun way to deliver the news, send out copies of your ultrasound to your out-of-town relatives with a note saying there will be a new family member on XXX date.


Bun in the Oven: Invite a few relatives over and ask them what is in the oven. Have a camera in hand and watch as they see the hamburger bun in the oven. Take photos to capture the moment when they realize YOU have a bun in the oven!


Good Fortune: Use tweezers to pull out a fortune from a fortune cookie and replace it with one you typed up. Use something like “With Fall there will be a new child (grandchild, niece, nephew).” Place it in a box and give it to your loved one!


Sweet Beats: For those out of town, put together a video of you hearing the heartbeat for the first time with music playing.  Email the song you want your loved one to hear and when they listen to it, the video will play listening to the baby’s heartbeat.


Baby Grocery List: Put together a grocery list for your husband, add things such as baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby spinach and other foods with baby it in. Watch as he reacts with excitement!


Hatching Soon: You will need Easter Eggs, dye and a white crayon for this clever announcement. Use the white crayon to write “We’re Hatching Soon” before dyeing the eggs. Once they are dyed, hide the eggs around the house for your relatives to find.

Happy Feet: Send out photo cards of your husband’s boots, your shoes and a pair of baby shoes with a caption that reads, “Our family is growing by two feet!”


Framed Ultrasound Picture: Frame your ultrasound picture and hold it up for the camera! Simple and sweet!


And then there were: Try this frame-worthy photo idea and have a friend snap your picture with the “And Then There Were” sign.


(Photo Credit: Soho Net)


Another Pumpkin: Have your kiddos each hold up pumpkins and leave an extra pumpkin for the baby on the way!


To Do List: All you need is a cute sign and your current kiddo for this fun and easy pregnancy announcement. Create a to-do list that says “Become A Big Sister” as the last check box.


(Photo credit:


Something’s Brewing: Try this easy Starbucks line up for a flawless pregnancy announcement on social media.







(Photo Credit:


Only Child Expiring: Try this “only child expiring” sign with your due date as a clever way to tell your kiddo they are going to be a big sister/brother! Snap a photo or video of their reaction to share with family and friends!


(Photo Credit:


B-A-B-Y Balloons: We love this photo shoot with balloons that spell out B-A-B-Y as an elegant and playful way to announce your pregnancy!


(Photo Credit:


Movie Trailer Photo: Get your family together for a faux movie trailer ad titled “What’s One More?” Coming soon to theaters on your due date!

(Photo Credit: Dazzle Expressions)


Custom Spoon: Use a stamped spoon and a bowl of your current craving to tell your family and friends about your little one on the way!

(Photo Credit:


Non-Furry Siblings Due: Everyone loves a cute puppy photo! Use a sonogram to get your pet involved in your big announcement.

(Photo Credit: Brit.Co)


Sidewalk Chalk: Use sidewalk chalk for a creative and colorful pregnancy announcement!

(Photo Credit: One Little Project)


Puzzle Pregnancy Announcement: Have your loved ones put together a puzzle that says “Congrats on Your New Arrival” or “We Are Expecting!”


(Photo Credit: IHeartNapTime.Net)


Pumpkin Patch: This pregnancy annoucement is great for the fall season!


(Photo Credit: Today.Com)


Special Gift Coming Soon: Use the Christmas holiday as the perfect time to announce you are expecting a big gift this year.


(Photo Credit: Brit.Co)


For more details and announcement ideas, please visit our Pinterest board “Pregnancy Announcement!”