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Snow Day Activities for Kids


According to our favorite furry forecaster, winter is still coming! To help out with the winter blues, we put together a list of indoor and outdoor snow day activities for kids. Have fun and stay warm!



Build a snowman – Yep, we’re kicking off our list with a timeless classic! Stay prepared to build the ultimate snowman with a DIY kit like this one from Amazon.

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Make a birdseed ornament – Kids will love seeing the birds enjoy this homemade treat!

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Make your own snow paint – Fresh snow is a blank canvas just begging for some color!

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Crepe paper “laser” maze – This has snow day fun written all over it!

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Build a masking tape speedway – Make any room your very own racetrack!

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Coffee Filter Snowflakes – Brighten up your windows with these easy snowflakes!

Photo and tutorial via CafeMom


Frozen Bubbles – Give this a try on a extra-cold day. Blow some bubbles and watch them freeze!

Photo and tutorial via Fireflies and Mud Pies


Snow volcano – A classic science experiment you can make in the snow!

Photo and tutorial via Growing A Jeweled Rose


Colorful Icicles – With a little patience and few colorful supplies you can make these beautiful icicles!

Photo and tutorial via Housing A Forest


Egg carton penguins – Save your egg cartons for this indoor snow day craft!

Photo and tutorial via One Little Project


Snow day alphabet – Practice letters in a “cool” new way with this printable sensory activity.

Photo and tutorial/printable via Modern Preschool


Winter Charades – Kids will love this printable winter-themed game of charades!

Photo and tutorial/printable via Buggy and Buddy


Winter small world play – For a creative sensory activity, try creating a tiny winter wonderland!

Photo and tutorial via Buggy and Buddy


Flavored Snow Ice Cream – Another classic snow day idea with a twist!

Photo and recipe via Playground Park bench 


Hot chocolate with snowflake toppers – After a day of playing in the snow, kids will love to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Photo and recipe via No Biggie